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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

My little obsession

The reason why i am so urged about buying a DSLR is.


not the dog,



bokeh :)

What is bokeh?

In photography, bokeh (pronounced /boʊˈkeɪ/) is the blur,[1][2] or the aesthetic ‘

quality of the blur,[3][4][5] in out-of-focus areas of an image, or "the way the lens

renders out-of-focus points of light.

now you know apa itu bokeh

someone might have to take it blurry accidentally but it became art afterwards

without bokeh

with bokeh

that makes it more interesting and artistic right?

if you look in deeply, bokeh is actually around us all the time.

it’s just like your eyes.

the minute you are seeing something infront of an object.

the object behind just becomes a bokeh without you knowing.

While watching tv,

dramas, especially

the camera shows 2 person talking,

when A is talking, they will focus the lens on A and shows B’s head blurry.

do you notice that?

street lights as well.

even christmas with bokeh makes it even more beautiful

and even more creative ways

I am not sure how to capture heart shaped bokeh but i will learn

look out your window

with the twirl of your lens and decreasing the focus,

you create magic

you create new perspective , the new angle

you let people see things the way they don’t

sometimes i mock at photographers

but the more i grew, the more i love photography.

i start to feel things the way photographers had when they take pictures.

i know this might sound crazy

i feel the adrenalin inside whenever i see someone holding a camera,

the urge to grab hold the camera and take pictures.

to take something to capture the hearts of a million , or a billion'

i might not be taking really rare stuff

what makes me feel awesome

is to make the best out of every day life

taking pictures of something part of our lives,

in a different perspective.

showing people how life could be so beautiful being simple

no pretence,

having no fear,

look ahead,

one of life’s greatest moments , could be found in one of the simplest things .

even the teeniest of all, could be the one standing out in the spotlight.

i am not sure what i wanted to be when i grow up

but i am very sure that ,

i would enjoy life.

merry christmas,

and a

happy new year









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  1. LOL! I'm def gonna have to chain my DSLR to me whenever you're around! XD
    It's an awesome effect right ^^ <3