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Friday, 11 March 2011

i remember the manga and anime i used to like ,

the OVA of the manga i used to wait like crazy for the release every week

and now everything is to remain as a memory

syaoran ; sakura


tsubasa reservoir chronicles

mokona, fai, kurogane

it’s a sad story about a princess who lost her memory, then she goes on this journey to find the feathers which is called TSUBASA in japanese, and 翼in chinese.

she might have forgotten syaoran, but their love never dies

the happy moments are equal as the sad moments

now the manga is completed, i can finally settle down to read

the OVA and sub OVAs are also out, yay !!

the songs of the OVA are great as the songs in the season 1 and 2.

Especially LAST FRUIT by Maaya Sakamoto!

i wont tell you what happened in the end

it’s all for you to discover yourself.

this manga is illustrated by CLAMP, who i believe that it’s not only a person but a group of mangaka (manga artist)

the story is mainly about fate, karma, and destiny yeah.

and the usual boys around a girl , story but , dont worry, sakura loves syaoran and so does syaoran

syaoran is so handsome !!

the story is actually a crossover from the manga

CARDCAPTOR SAKURA ; which has Li-Syaoran and Sakura

Tsubasa chronicles is like an- upgraded version of the tobecontinued love story.

i really like how CLAMP potrays the love between them

they are so kind and  ssweet to each other

protecting each other with their lives, and not asking anything in return

tha't’s how it ended?


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