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Wednesday, 29 October 2014


do you believe in a parallel universe?

days change, hours past, there isn’t a second for us to even capture and grab hold of our destiny. perhaps, there’s a place where time can stop, everything seemingly perfect and it’s all in order, and perhaps even better than the world we live in. Do you believe that there is another you, in just another universe, with the same look as yours, but living in a total different life as yours

Tired of your life, tired of everything that has been going around you, everything never falls in place, it just goes the other way round u wish it could be. Reality can be harsh, but , somehow in another parallel universe, the you there is living a happy life. A life without worries, a life, unlike, the life you are living now. Jonathan Swiss in Gulliver’s Travels or, even we could travel into Elfland, according to Norse Mythology, which one will finds himself ending up at a sacred of secret hideout nobody knows, where he had went on a dangerous venture and suddenly arrives at a land of unknown


for me

I do, believe in a parallel universe.

Where, I could still be with the one I love, the both of us, could still be couples like before, but not couples in real life, just in that universe, not earth, maybe, somewhere where the flowers keep blooming and the stars will shine even brighter than it was here. Someplace where, no one judges, someplace where we can just be whoever we are. Do things without even caring what people might think of you.

While, back in Earth, people misunderstands you, people judge you, people will hesitate on making the right choices. But i guess the US in the parallel universe, we might be happy, happier than we are, here.

People can be rude and judgemental, when it comes to relationships, people will laugh at the hopeless romantic people, judging and waiting for them to break up, or waiting to see how weak that relationship was. To me, i used to be the one easily affected by what people might say, which isn’t really a good thing in my past.

The me in that parallel universe won’t be judged, the you , won’t be so hurt by my actions.

But I am glad the you in earth found someone you love dearly and, the me is alone, but I don’t feel lonely. I feel happy to still be able to breathe and work hard towards my goals, maybe I don’t have a boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean I had to be deeply depressed, since, there are so many things you can do, alone as well. Alone time with a cup of coffee and jamming to your favourite playlists nobody will judge, or even watching at your favourite movies, alone and thinking bout how life would be, if you found your other half.

My ideal relationship wouldn’t be about extravagant gifts, but more on everyday basis, where our relationship can be like best friends, a shoulder to lie on, and a listener where i can rant about my daily stuff or someone who can be as crazy as I am/// someone who will understand the decisions i took and support it// someone. that perhaps, will accept my flaws,and how i look without makeup someday, someone who can stand my tantrums and still fight and make up on the same day… who just, will , be there, forever/

We can’t possibly live for 100 years, but for sure, to find someone who can spend the rest of your lives, or for half of a century, should be enough, that person may not be the most handsome guy, but , i believe someday my knight in shining armour will come. and reach out to me, and tell me that everything will be okay, despite my past, and bring me on his horse, together, we ride towards the future.

The future might not be known, but at least, we know, that we have each other.


Perhaps, we don’t need to be in a parallel universe, but we just had to be strong in facing reality, and , be the best we can, every single day.


Sunday, 12 October 2014

somebody you used to know

Will I ever achieve the dreams beyond my heart’s desire?

Things like these don’

Friday, 12 September 2014


song of the day- Shine by Shannon Noll

so sorry for not updating my blog, which is been like a dessert. nothing but dust. *blows dust away*

doing a bit spring clean… by updating it, nope i am too laaaaazy to change the layout, and i think i even forgotten how to really change the layout.. oh well.

If you are reading this, i am glad you do cus i dont reaally get any loyalty readers out there, which makes me wonder why should i be even posting this.. but i still wanted to write, things on my mind, which i thought i should share? Besides writing essays for my exams or any facebook statuses, i wanted to express more of it, besides just, you know, posting simple things. Writing makes me free. Free from the world, free from everything out there. I like spending days with coffee and writing about things i feel, however, lately my studies has been taking it’s toll on me. i never felt so stressed or pressurized in my life before, like ever, not SPM but, this i am dealing pretty much affects my future, like what Uni or what course i would want to pursue.

Just a bit of thought i am sharing….

Music had been a big part of my life. I guess there isn’t anyone out there who doesn’t like music… I never stop listening to music, even if i am happy or sad, there will always be something for me to tune in. i don’t judge people’s music tastes because there are so many range of music out there to suit each and everyone… so i might as well share, what kind of music makes me, high? not that kind of high but what music makes me want to keep on listening listening and… replay.

Well first of all, most of you will know that i love The Killers, with Brandon Flower’s voice pulling me closer.. and closer. 

But i too like Coldplay, Linkin Park, Maroon 5, Backstreet Boys, Blink 182, the 1975, Mcfly, The Script, The all american rejects… Green Day… those kind too.

The very thing i look into a song, … is the rhythm behind, if the beat don’t suit me from the start, i would just skip it and stop listening, which is why i HATE. MOST OF THE SONGS IN HITZ.FM. I like songs starting with these low strums of guitar base…  or a really good tune like Wake me up when september ends? Or some piano prelude that starts before they sing? Idk it’s just that one two seconds that decides… 

Dont judge. i listen to REDFM, the less, mainstream ones. I guess the underlying principle behind a GOOD SONG, is that, it doesn’t get outdated easily and withstands the sands of time. For example, ABBA , Mariah Carey’s Hero, or any song from Backstreet Boys, you just could listen to it at any time, not like some, EDM beats that people would simply forget it after they fall out from the Billboard. The billboard 100 keeps changing and yes Rude can me number 1 but it might not in another month.. it’s not that i am saying RUDE is not a good song it’s just, it’s not what i look into a song. Yes it might be catchy but i dont find catchy in my list of musics.

The second will be the voice of the singer. It’s not i am judgemental alright…. but most of my fave singers are .. Male leads. Lol, i really like the rusty kind , or the heartbroken voices of males makes you really feel them, and you know how it feels to be in their shoes, for example, Brandon Flowers in

Mr.Brightside – you feel that how he is being jealous and suspicious and always insecure…

and 1975’s Robbers- how the lead feels, about their love being like a robber and victim relationship how his girl robs his love, and tears him piece by piece…

Coldplay’s Yellow, how he relates his girl to stars…being yellow and bright,… it’s all so special and magical how songs can make you fly up in the sky..

James Blunt’s you’re beautiful- how he really thinks she’s the prettiest girl he has even seen. altho they don’t know each other…

Lonestar’s Amazed- That he felt so amazed about the girl and everytime he sees her he felt like his heart got choked out.

the third would definitely be.. the lyrics.

I hate. lyrics that are too….. overly stressing on sex, or anything dirty.. which is the main theme of club songs , which is the trend now,with really simple lyrics that made up with the catchy beats and .. really mindless composers thinking nothing about sex. i mean it’s okay to be … thinking of that but please. dont make it too, desperate asking for sex and looking at every damn hot girl or whatever booty … just. omg. I am sorry for those who likes these upbeats of songs but it’s not my cup of tea. which is why

I find it so hard for people out there to share the same kinds of music tastes with me. I dont like MOST, edms……. the only edms i like are the ones with people singing inside. Lol like ARMIN’S- this is what it feels like, or DASH BERLIN’s Steal you away, and.. some from Calvin Harris, David guetta’s one of my faves, with SIA in Titanium and Usher in Without You….hmm lemme see and yes, Zedd with people singing…. (but not the one with that Hailey or what-) , Tiesto. Lol

I want lyrics that are true.

Bottom line is, I don’t hate. songs in the radio now it’s just that those, won’t usually be in my playlist. Guess i am more of a sentimental person i prefer movies, dramas, books and even songs from the past, the longer the better, the less modernized it is and how not autotuned they are. it’s just RAW, raw music with no computer aid. I just want something historical but NOT TOO PREHISTORIC, just, i want good vibes and not, stupid meaningless .. songs.





Wednesday, 20 August 2014

then again, the late night thoughts

Hello, nightcrawlers…

i cant find a way to tuck myself into bed at this moment, times like this make me ponder on life’s greatest questions and wonders. Then i will try to reflect it on myself, seeing whether am i the person i wanted to be, in the future or what

Like they say, growing up is a way of welcoming responsibilities and … knowing how harsh reality can be. And i am literally biting my fingers off to make myself feel calm when questions about the future came pounding on the door of my mind. Why should i be giving myself so much pressure?

But since we are still young, but i couldnt be sure whether if 19 is counted as young, cos look at all the young gymnasts out there already making their print in part of history. Am I sure i wanted to imprint myself on the world? Or should i just live life humbly like what Gandhi and Buddhism said, is to be humble and not too show-off. But, i think if everyone chose to live life in the simplest and safest way as possible, why will there be skyscrapers, why would there be so many indifferent and unique talents showcasing ?

What if, people limit themselves…. there is no reason why one should limit themselves. Speaking of which… why am i limiting myself?

it’s like life is a 50 50 thing, it just matters on how much would u wanna fill up the chances of 50 50. If someone only invests 10 percent, they would only gain back the 10 percent, I am not a faith believer in luck or miracles, yes i might sound too realistic but it’s true . Since young i held a basis of thought that, only having full preparation for school exams, only then i can count myself as LUCKY because i had already built myself a foundation in order.. to reach the thing we all called LUCK.

Now I am only left with so little time to deal with studies and friends, and i feel so messed up and the hours in a day are not even enough.

What should i do?


Saturday, 14 June 2014

sparks fly

This post is dedicated to one of the greatest korean dramas that helped lighting my dark world whenever i am down . It made me as giddy as a school girl believing in love and fairytales, alongside my favourite disney movies, korean dramas do lift my spirits up. Feeling down


Dramaland can take you away into a magical dimension where dreams can come true in any possible way made by talented scriptwriters. I am pretty much more fascinated by the people behind the screen bringing us such guilty pleasures. Like how witty the script can be, and with the talented actors and actresses.

My mom had always been a fan of korean dramas and I should actually thank her for exposing me to all these made believe modern day fairytales.. and i still can remember drama marathons with her, we could just sit in front of the couch with her the whole day just to catch the whole drama in a day or just finish it right in 2 days. I still too remember how we cried over dramas and idolizing the idols….

Korean dramas to me isn’t just some drama with people catch but actually some memory i had with my mother, and it too accompanied me throughout my melo days… it gives me faith and somehow let me know whenever i am down there is always a place i can be comfortable in.

In my little corner with my favourite moments in these dramas…. if i could recall but in fact i couldn’t… i can’t remember the first korean drama i watched but there are so much and so much i thank them for being part of my girly girl days. In a way it is relatable but in a way it makes me doubt on the men on earth. How can they not be another Do Min Joon or any Hyun Woo oppa or… my favourite Han Ki Joon sshi that are soooooo adorable and sweet.

Here are the dramas that guided me and , too brought enormous joy into my life.



It is just another modern day cinderella tale about a girl working as a maid in Paris, in the rich guy’s house and .. turns out the both had immediate chemistry between them after hurdles and hurdles, but that doesn’t tear both of them apart. It has the most greatest moments if i can count in a drama. You wont have to wait till the last few episodes to see how they share great affection for each other , it is still touching to see how  guy that had a divorce before and who doesnt know how to love someone… can love someone who has a different social status and taste or personality from him. Despite the difficulties they still chose to stay strong and MOST IMPORTANTLY , the girl , KANG TAEYOUNG is the strongest cinderella ever. she doesnt let people trample over her and she doesnt bow down easily on life altho she is poor. She is … just, my hero.

here are my favourite scenes

han ki joo, the main character, had double egos, for example he is the president of Gm Motors of Korea and such a rich man he is, being so serious in his work. But in front of Taeyoung he is just another fool that is in love with a woman. That’s what i like about him.

“There are not many people who can truly love. It’s because they meet the wrong person. But l’m sure you will find someone who will truly love you. Don’t make yourself miserable. - Ki Joo (Lovers in Paris)”

“Girls often dream about this. Where she feels like a withered flower surrounded by all these fabulous people. Then out of nowhere, this prince on a white horse calls her name, holds her shoulder, gently touches her hair and walks her home. But that is too perfect”



it’s just so sweet to see them together

Park shin yang is such a talented actor and he rose to fame after this drama

so many cinderella scenes as the guy brings her to shopping in Paris

there are sooo many favourite scenes in this drama.

Guys there isn’t one episode is boring in fact it has the highest record of rating of korean drama history with the highest 50.7% at the final episode.

Favourite scenes such as he hires her in Paris to be his fake fiance and how they both bonded by eating cake. Taeyong too is fascinated by him because he too watch oldies classic movies with red wine. Too, when he worked overtime with Taeyong and how he holds her hand EVERYTIME and how he keeps express how he felt for Taeyong without being shy. it’s just.. ugh i dk



gosh gosh gosh.

This drama make me cry and laugh just unstoppable times . it makes me excited and guessing what is next. there is sooo many unpredictable moments that i can say and i could say, definitely A MUST MUST MUST WATCH.







i will really meet that one person

I know Park Shin Yang isnt the really candy boy you all wanted but his charm is just. idk , won over the hearts of all korean women who had watched this before will know the charm of Han Ki Joo { his character in drama} definitely was a gentleman and he still loves taeyong no matter what happens.





2. save your last dance for me

It also starred by my another idol man crush besides JANG DONG GUN but in fact these are the top1top2 drama pairs i ship and hope they might be together in real life but they dont , just like how we wished leo and kate were together , just because of their chemistry….. okay

now .

the posters.


It is by JISUNG and EUGENE.

I know . JISUNG from protect the boss

I am so sad to say this… but in fact i would definitely choose old dramas over the new ones that are so out of substance and heavily populated by those sm or Jyp new idol stars that are trying to be in the acting field , okay but ,,, it doesnt work for me. it is just.. idk it doesnt give me sparks and the OST are terrible. but a few ones are okay. But LOVERS IN PARIS AND THIS DRAMA HAD THE  BEST. THE BEST I TELL YOU


okay for korean dramas ten years before , there are a few popular themes,

i] cancer/ leukemia

ii] cinderella

iii] amnesia, memory loss

now this is combination 3 and 2. cinderella… yes abit but this girl isnt the really RAG and poor girl as Kang Taeyong but this is definitely involving a series of memory loss. The movie circles around … i guess the word SOULMATE is the theme because just before the guy meets the girl he actually already had a girlfriend that he adores but mostly just feelings of a brother has for a sister. after he suffered from memory loss he spent a load of time with Eugene, the girl, at a countryside, he soon develops deep love with her… then all of a sudden he regains his memory and completely forgottenEugene and … totally resent her but for some reason, IN HIS HEART… he still had feelings for her and … it pulled them closer despite they are from different social classes… this guy is sweet but ,,, not as sweet as Park SHin Yang, and they fell in love again altho he can’t regain his memory back but eventually he did.

The best part of this drama is that how people can meet people AND HAD THIS STRONG CHEMISTRY altho he forgets about her and how they both make sacrifices and let each other go, just because they love each other


save-the-last-dance-for-me portada 2

the irony is….. both the main characters who had SOMUCHCHEMISTRY didnt end up together but JIsung actually fall for the other character, Lee Bo Young .. and married last year. Ugh

but idontcare i still ship them

i will always love you JISUNGGG ahhh.

But recently his new dramas are just. ugh . disappointing , he is still as hot as ever but .. not the drama. it doesnt make me fall in love with his character.

better luck next time.


i had a hard time picking between 2 and 3 but eventually this has to be 3 because.. this involved a theme tht i did not like.

RIVALRY between 2 girls and it usually involves a evil girl and an innocent one. I HATE IT TO SEE HOW THE EVIL BULLIES THE INNOCENT it is sooo frustrating and this involves DEATH too. It’s just so saddening to see the character you loved .. died all of a sudden.

it starred JANGDONGGUN omg omg omg he is so hot.

This drama is like idk.. 10++ years before ???? The fashion is so old school but idc it still is awesome.

The chemistry between Jang Dong gun and chae rim are okay but they are still sweet.

This is not cinderella story and much MORE REALISTIC as the girl proved herself to be an elligible wife to be to the guy’s family that are so kind to her… unlike lovers in paris whereby the rich guy’s family are being such a prick.


the evil girl in this drama is just so… unstoppable and despite being evil she just enjoys being evil.

but the main theme of this drama is not love it is more on another in depth knowledge of broadcasting system and how good conquers evil… how being good will give you good karma and we should all be like Chae Rim { sun mi } in the movie and do good for others and having compassion to everyone including the evil girl {hye mi} .

One of my favourite scene will be when Jang Dong Gun knelt down to help Chae Rim wear her birthday present which is an anklet.

the pic isnt clear enough because.. yeah 10++ yrs ago

i know right

the last row of them KISSING



the difference between american dramas or any other country’s drama from korean drama is that… they dont really kiss altho they are soo obviously deeply in love with each other. usually a kiss on the forehead or cheek is the limit they can have. and a few occasional limit of kissingg sigh.

how cute is he , smiling

and i love LOVE when he smiles at the little things Chae Rim do and how he looks at her.


chae rim is super adorable in this drama


Manyy of you might be familiar with this. YES

RAIN is the leading actor with SONGHYEKYOO. my idol omg .

both of them undoubtly, gained fame as well as comedian.. no no not comedian as, debut actors and actresses in IDOL DRAMAS. Since the K-wave is not as high as now, this drama definitely brought the K-Wave and Hallyu fame to korea.

the dynamic duo that doesn’t disappoint me. RAIN is sooo tall and songhyekyo is so cute and short, which gives them a HEIGHT DIFFERENCE which is soooo cuteee arghhh.

the thai remake is also adorable and definitely a must watch if you are a fan of full house.

I read the manhwa as well, it doesn’t resemble much the drama but the theme and the famous full house is.. mentioned and it too involves a superstar that Rain is acting.

the story i believe a lot of you are already familiar. it is about a girl and a guy who fakes their marriage just to benefit each other.

Lol. I know right i like fake marriages story because they USUALLY fall for each other.

There aren’t any specific favourite scenes as all of it are so enjoyable because they keep fighting at the simplest things. And how Rain give her nicknames like Bird, {cookoo} or, rice cooker

and how they write contracts or how Songhyekyo got angry and left notes at the refrigerator and sticky notes to communicate with Rain that drives him crazy.

these are the tiny moments that made us laugh and how talented and witty the writers are. so so so good

you just have to choose an episode and never get bored with it.



this is frustrating too. they only kissed twice. … sigh

i can relate to song hye kyo as she is a novelist online one, an amateur that tried to make a good story, and how Rain messes her computer. which DRIVES HER CRAZY.

RAIN did not save the files and made her lost everything she wrote.



90% of this drama is quarreling and jokes they made at each other. just so funny.

For those who are finding some funny drama and at the same time with some eye candy… this is definitely the one.


You had definitely brought joy into my life

who say happiness is not free

happiness is not difficult to find.