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Tuesday, 15 February 2011


this is us.

the very retarded duo.'

zoe wong .

venetia wong

we used to fight like bitches and curse each other to hell last time. but that’s what left us from the past.

how cute of us.

we finally are friends back this year. i dont know how and i dont know why.

but its how life is.

what she took with her LOMO app on her iphone4

that lady haz iphone 4 so dont mess with her


thiss post will be filled with pictures!



somehow i really loved what life brought me till here.

i had a lonely valentine. but i never DID have one thiss year i had them.

THIS POST will be about them i met this whole 2 months.

Now updatess on saturday on xiaodong’s house warming


it was a fun night we did lots of talking and rubbish

what a cute effect suggested by i this was an epic fail by qinling.

spot my iphone and purse :)

we all looked so happy

jinpei, huaywei,shiyi,shuyee and me :)

yes our big family <3

and my pose :)


i drank shandy the first time with them :)

and gambled and lost lots with them


look at all of our cacat face!

i love them !they gave me the best for these 2 months.

they gave me whatever that’s been lost within me.

for whatever ive been up to today :




photo (4)

for our annual school food fair.

what r we doing


with lots of drinks.

coffee mocha, latte, honey wheatgrass (a blast), mango+lychee, ribena + 100 plus.

and root beer+ float.

and it was a total success.

so stay tuned for saturday !


photo (2)

and more camwhorism


photo (7) 

whatever life brings us i hope the best for you.



ps. i love you






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