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Sunday, 6 March 2011

face issue .

It’s been days !!! since i last updated my last blog post.

ok. i will make it simple…

YE is great, i m working well with my team we created lots of tshirt keychains and wire shaped stars… we did almost nearly 50 each and yes, we had our sales just yesterday by achieving our target, rm200. we earned more than that, believe me ;)

Cross country run , i did good and i am glad i had people to run with me since i always did it with yeewon and yongfei who, transferred school and just before that i was intimidated to run but then, i did it, thanks to a bunch of all of them

ziyun, shaoen, renxian, sylvia, lifei, zoe, shuangyun ! thankyou !!

and now for the dance. we’ve been training last friday the song HUH, as our opening theme by 4MINUTE. with the help of zi en, ziyun’s little sister who is a GREAT DANCER! the dancers who wanted to join in increased a lot ! thankyou all ! i do hope we can work the best out of it !!

finally , my studies.

i’ve been trying hardd.


Hope everything goes well this week !!!


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