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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

day w/o a title

Why am i so lame giving this blog post a name.. called… day without a title

i think it’s shortform would be- untitled.

but, i couldnt get the other word for that, like i said, i had brainfreeze,

looong time i didnt touch my books


ohyeah, visited Yan’s blog just now… and was *motivated by her … really fast updating skills, sooooooooo

i decided to write something.

Ohhhh yesterday,

Gave me a big, hunch on my ass,

Soooo i decided to

Give up on something i would never own



But, here is my lover of the day



Thanks to the girl who made this happen in 20 minutes,

spent RM28 for this baby to happen.


Hah,Hah, but i lied to my mom,


told her it was only RM12, coz it’s for sale.





18 for the packet,

10 for their service .


(1) 请老实的回答每一个问题。
(2) 不行擅自塗改題目。
(3) 写完请点10位小朋友,不可不点。
(4) 点完后请通知那10位小朋友他被点到了。
♥ 被点到的:
these people are the ones who i adore for this 2 weeks

1. YongFei

2. YunXuan

3. ShuYee

4. XiaoJi

5. Sexyyy

6. NiNi

7. Haruki

8. Kara

9. JiaYi

10. YanYan

01 - [ 4号认识6号吗? ]:: Lol, of course, NiNi keep asking XiaoJi for advices.

02 - [ 10号是男还是女? ]:: Girl of course, but she looks boyish- she likes HER PIN and wears pink. =S

03 - [ 8号的兴趣是? ]:: Texting and getting her hair done, to kara: it’s in chinese, tell u the meaning sometime <3

04 - [ 1号有没有兄弟姐妹? ]:: Er, evil sis and good bro who loooveees heng ee. –.-

05 - [ 7号姓氏? ]:: Shindo – desu. xD

06 - [ 10号人缘好吗? ]:: Lol sipek good, can help me beat people. x) ily, daddy xD

07 - [ 4号有人追吗? ]::Lols, she did say so. SHE WEARS MAKE UP AND HOT PANTS WHEN  SHE NOT GOIN OUT WITH US . ):

08 - [ 承上2号呢? ]:: apatu? –.-

09-[ 6号喜欢的颜色是? ]:: PINKPINK box wif her white powder. –.-

10-[ 3号和10号是朋友吗? ]::YEAP (:

11-[ 8号的生日是? ]:: ARHHHHH IDK IDK !!! next question please *wipes of sweat

12-[ 5号读哪呢? ]:: PCGHS

13-[ 你怎么认识10号的? ]:: K1D, haha she’s superr friendly when we first met

14-[ 你跟1号的生日差几个月? ]:: 4 months <3

15-[ 你和9号有出去玩过吗? ]:: at night , Lawl , we didnt do anything . x) aaand infinity internet cafe LOL

16-[ 你喜欢和2号聊天吗? ]:: Yesh... next question pleaaseeee? –.-


17-[ 你喜欢和3号在一起吗? ]:: If u mean Hanging out, then yes!

18-[ 你觉得7号人怎么样? ]:: Frieeendlyyyy, my onisama LOL


19-[ 你觉得9号人怎么样? ]:: siao, thinks he’s muscular in his Abercrombie shirt. xD

20-[ 你爱5号吗? ]:: why not ? arrrhhhhh


A - ka

B -  tu

C - mi

D - te

E - ku

F - lu

G - ji

H - ri

I - ki

J - zu

K - me

L - ta

M - rin

N - to

O -mo

P - no

Q - ke

R - shi

S - ari

T -chi

U - do

V - ru

W -mei

X - na

Y - fu

Z – zi

I found out that my name,




weird, for a japanese,

anyone, having any japanese friends or ever heard of… this kind of name




Shiau Ching - aririkikadu mirikitoji (it sounds weird LOL)

that’s xiaoji’s


Finally, saya checked my mail box which is storming with 7260 mails,

trust me, 60 percent of it is from facebook, arhhhhh

i find my time entertaining just lookin at mails sent by limchunyan (:

thanks dude

My sister was tuning this,

iJustine on youtube,

and she found out that there’s such a luxurious apartment for the elites, like those in Gossip Girls,

this apartment is called

ESQUIRE 360, worth U$ 14.million

Believe it or not,


For bachelors who are young successful enterpreneurs

With the help of renowned designers and luxury brands, four-bedroom, seven-bathroom house in the Hollywood Hills into a home worthy of the ultimate bachelor. A place with 10 flat-screen televisions, a soundproof screening room, and an 800-bottle climate-controlled wine cellar. A place to throw parties and raise money for charity. And, maybe just as important, a place with toilets that automatically raise their lids when someone approaches.
Read more: http://www.esquire.com/features/esquire-house/esquire-house-hollywood-hills-0109#ixzz0ZBU5qiPS

Handmade and stuffed with horsehair and wool, this mattress sells for $25,000. Sweden's royal family is rumored to sleep on the same brand, which is perhaps only impressive if you're one of the few people who already knew that Sweden has a royal family.

A 42-inch LG Scarlet LCD TV rises from the footboard.

Read more: http://www.esquire.com/features/esquire-house/esquire-house-hollywood-hills-0109#ixzz0ZBT7d1Ni




That was just the SOHO APARTMENT

this, is the real thing.

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