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Friday, 4 November 2011

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Like the golden words that sound like

Everything goes’

from the movie of Indiana Jones sung by the singer in Beijing.

That’s just the perfect line for me to start this blog post. The past few weeks of the tormenting exams had finally came to an end ( 4 days ago) and life could never be better.

I finally had the time to all of myself, not to mention more time on guilty pleasures and more and more of dramas to be watched , i haven’t been really WRITING in a year since January where all the hectic life begins and worsen during mid july as i have to cope between my YE responsibilities, chasing products and marketing , not to mention, the school concert that had ended grandly.

Things all happened in a blink of an eye, i can’t imagine how far i’ve been thru this year. It’s already November, as the calendar goes on day by day , week by week, we finally bade our goodbyes to the half of year that went on well, peacefully? Madly? Surreptitiously chaotic?

What I know was, it wasn’t really some , RELAXING year, i mean hey I’ve turned 16 this past 10 months and having responsibilities as i grew older day by day. Learning and doing endless revisions on the 10 subjects that never fails to disappoint me .

N finally now, where all the exams OFFICIALLY ENDED, i had all the time i need.

Time to update my status on Facebook

Time to reply comments

Time to rearrange my book shelves

Time to pack up stuff to move into our new house

Time to exercise

Time to have a good dinner night out with my family

More time for shopping

Time for me to sit down and lay back with a cup of 3in1 coffee

Time for me to read the fashion magazine

Time to admire my wardrobe of clothes…

Time to play online games

Time to update my iOs5


these are the things i’ve left out during the 11 months

Whatever i knew was, STUDY.

studying on the 10 subjects, oh god. how boring i’ve been living my life.

But now it’s time for me to relax. Next year won’t be easy on me.




what’s next?

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