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Monday, 5 October 2009


this is a song by TAYLOR SWIFT.

this song,

obviously is scolding bout a guy who dumped her,

and that guy was the greatest jerk ever.

i liked this song.

but no other specified meanings,

it’s just meaningful.

this week,

i’ve had 2 phonecalls from my besties,

telling me that they are facing a relationship problem with their boyfriends, or i shud say their EX- boy friend.

i may give good advice but-


i m being sarcastic whatsoever.

but i think they are both,

independent, and charming,



who dont need a man.

i m hesitating whether if i m an independent one.

but to think bout it with deep breaths and long exhales,

i figured out.




and this picture,

my friend,

is really really really meaningful and i gave a thought bout it.

i think it means that everyone in every corner of the universe stands a chance.

maybe today you might be poor, but if u worked hard in the present, the future, u might have wealth.

today u are just a student… but dreams brought you to another world with division and handful of hope, which brings you

joy, happiness and prosperity in the future.

people always lose hope when they feel like they are facing an end,

which is not an end,

it signifies another door to another gateway to hope.

sometimes i might feel that i m at the bottom,

but when i look up,

i might not have what i want,

but i still know that,

the sun will shine for me,

the moon will still give me her tender,

and, the stars will blink at me,

most important,

my darlings, will be there, standing to back me up.

wonder why,

i always thought i m alone

but . when i look back,

i realise that there are lots of people,

standing there,

waiting to pick me up when i fall.

there will be times,

you will choose to walk alone

or to walk with the one u trust,

i choose to stand alone.


i know theres always something out there for us to grab hold,

and never let it go.

this time i finally realise that there are many things in this world that we should be aware of,

it’s not just onesinglething.

it’s a lot more than that.



yanjin and phoebe asked me a question,

if, you R about to have one month of life spam,

what will you do,

actually i’ve always gave a thought bout that question whenever i felt that there’s nothing to do.

i will:

#1 spend a one week holiday to paris or tokyo with my family

#2 beg an editor of a famous publishing company to publish my book and get it published in bookstores.

#3 have a class trip with all my friends, since we hardly have one

#4 go and watch my brother in his badminton matches since i was absent the whole time

i guess these will be on top.

if i were about to die on november,

i will do it with

No regrets.



the one that will catch your back.

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