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Sunday, 25 October 2009

are u sleepy?


i know i am sleepy


why so sleepy nowadays?

ask me again and i might say IDK.

'Today got tuition early in the morning… and @godrik asked me something which made me … moody the whole day

i guess those who know godrik might know why

those who dont know, might know it’s related to …

yeah. to ykw


after that i went to msgan tuition and got sleepy coz constance and junice did not come to tuition



coz no one to make the atmosphere high

i mean we r high with the guys but…

still …

not that high as always

i wonder if constance is okayyyyy


i just know i am sleepy now but i cant sleep i cant do anything to make the grey clouds away

i should watch some movies,

eg: korean dramas?

or … comedies?

what i m looking for now is a good romance film.

you know, a classic chick flick

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