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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

2.18 in the morning

morning peeps ;)

i stayed up lil’ bit late


i cant sleep,

maybe is i used to sleep during 4 in the morning


i watched the last episode of beachballbabes straightaway since i have nothing to do and wanna watch it since there’s 2 hot guys in there

one is 李铭顺and a china guy which is my favourite

i watched this for HIM!


there’s another reason for sleeping late

i faced a great problem.


and no one can help me

here goes .

(ooookaayyy this post might be boring)


thursday, we all pcghs form 2 wont be attending to school since PMR is held.


i m organising this study group of 5-7 people at Yongfei’s

if my mom can fetch me and jingning (who is coming to my house to wait) from my house to school…

and pick up yennee and xinyi and yuenchi,

then straight to YongFei’s.



#1. my dad is in IPOH

#2 the possible-always-available aunt of mine, found her job

#3 mom says she’s tired but she will consider taking a leave for me and my lil brother who is having his exam on thursday

(i helped my mom revising 3 subjects with him)


maybe venetiawongshinyee’s mother will be touched and grateful and bring her to yongfei’s + her friends.

problem number two.

so there are loads of exercises waiting for me to photostat for the study group to revise and do it TOGETHER.


since my daddy dearest is in IPOH…


i cant find a way to photostat it.

#1 try it in school

(but it will be twice expensive)

(if the others agree on that i am okay but. i dont like wasting my money)

(the auntie also keep nagging, so i should find someone GOOOOOOD that will help me tell the auntie)

possibility of usage: 70++%

#2 walk to the photostat guy

(it will be quite a short distance of … 0.5 km?)

(idk how to estimate)

(there’s no time i can sneak out since i will be going to my grandma’s early tomorrow.)

possibility of usage: 40++%

#3 convince my mother

(this might be … useful)

but the only shop we will be heading to will be 2 possible ones

1: Lai photostat trading

:my mom quarreled with that uncle

:poor service

:quite fast photocopy

:vry cheap

2: sri saujana

:the auntie there is goooood

:maybe will take them a long time coz . i dont want to unplease good people

(this is a weak point of me)

possibility usage:


soooo what the hell should i do !



fingers and legs crossed this time


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