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Friday, 21 August 2009

100 things i might wanna do .


1. Earn Money for my papa and mama
2. Write my own life story
3. Probably my self-titled album
4. Guess star in some comedian show
5. Become a well known girl
6. Start a clothing line, myself
7. Have a brandname with Phoebe
8. Would want to see Taylor Swift
9. Fly to Tenessee myself
10.Have a trip to tokyoo with family.
11.Go to Hawaii and sunbathe? xD
12.Catch birds by my own, without my grandfather helping
13.Skip Friday the 13th
14.Watch a horror movie by my own.
15.See Mr.Jackson once more. RIP, MICHAEL JACKSON. XOXO
16.Take a picture with Mileyyy
18.Have a Nobel Prize
19.Go to Egpyt.
20.Go to Paris.
21.Maybe Africa
22.Visit King Tut.
23.Make a move to Hollywood.
24.Have my name printed on the Walk Of Fame
25.Get great results . (GEE)
26.Run 100 metre in 5 seconds?
27.Be sportyyy xD
28.Be a good guitairist and perform
29.Sing well
30.Kiss a dogg
31.Play Maple
32.Play DOTA
33.Play Gunz
35.Drink XO.
36.Be a good mathematician
37.Make everyone happy

38.Be happy all the time
39. Read all the HARRY POTTER SERIES. *haaardddddddd
40.Save myself a lot of money *wink
41.Make this the 100th. my eye hurts.
42.Kill HER.
43.Make the poor into the fortunate.
44.Read all the TWILIGHT sagas.
45.See Robbert Pattison!
46.Turn back time to see who my ancestors WERE before. or who am i at the previous life.
47.Turn back time to take Ancient China a visit.
48.Turn back time to pay Romeo And Juliet a visit. :D
49.Kiss a dolphin
50.Become a vampire
51.Become a guy?
52.Meet a fairy
53.Travel around the world with my husband . if i might get one.
54.Turn myself into a better person
55.Have a Duet wif Taylor Swift.
56.Watch Olympics LIVE
57.go to CMA AWARDS
58.Design clothes for BARBIE
59.Get a dog.
60.Create a collectible doll.
61.Read the OXFORD DICTIONARY. i started sleeping when i was at the alphabet "A".
62.Dont cry too much
63.Eat a whole watermelon in an hour.
64.Clean up my room (in a minute !) x)
65.Buy all my friends presents.
where shud i get money firsttttttttt...........HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
66.Sing YOU BELONG WITH ME in front of the whole student bodyy.
67.Have a duet wif my hubby
68.Get married to a hottie :D
69.Take a picture with chace crawford
70.Have a SHOPALLUCAN in a day
71.Run a marathon
72.Make myself stay in a KAMPONG for 1 year.
73.Go for a fish spaa
74.teach myself how to take a SELF TIMER picture well
75.Stop the H1N1 virus if i can
76.Be superman for a day
77.Turn myself invisible for good causes
78.Donate a whole lot of cash for the world health fund.
79.Write great interesting novels for teenagers who love to dream.
80.Dont be too much of a dremer.
81.Never disappoint people.
82.Quit harmonica peacefully.
83.wish i never made enemies.
84.Compose a song for my fave singer.
85.Write good lyrics to go with my song . ^^
86.Type faster so i can get myself to 100
87.Ride on a horse.
88.Be more active in twitter.
89.Be more active in my bloggieeee
90.Wear makeup ?
91.Wear pushups?
92.Do laundryy
93.Wash my siblings' school shoes. including mine.
94.Train a dog .
95.See my pet sherbie and herbie for one more time .RIP TO U BOTH .MISS U
96.Take a visit to HARVARD
97.Have the courage to face problems without my mommy and daddy helping
98.Think more bout you.
99.Thnk more bout myself.
100. KISS EVERY SINGLE FRIEND OF MINE. x))))))))))))))))))

, with love

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