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Friday, 17 April 2009


hey i am sick AGAIN… i am always sick according to fei fei . LOLS.

am i that WEAK ? i dont think so . but i can admit sometimes i really have headaches and lazy go to sch. ;xxx

so i woke up in the morning and found out i got a slight fever and then i called my mom and told her i aint going since i went to see the doctor.

right ? sorry i posted this late.

i was sick on wednesday .


DSC00294 see ? i look so 苍白…

haihs. so what lar…..

then i waited for my bro and sis to came back LOLs.

DSC00299 there he is playing his ADVENTURE QUEST. stud game lai de!


check out my sis >>>


tada ~~~



dont tell her that i put her pic up here.,

she will definately kill me ..

FYI. she’s SHY ~~~

lol !!!

i m alright now ..

haha see i so energetic !


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