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Friday, 25 June 2010

Never say never

Hey hey,

Went out for lunch at Gurney at xuen xin’s ramen shop,


QinLing, Sexy, Yuan Wei, Woei Shin, AhLuar , Cin Pein, and Sunny and my chicken partner, Kimberley

There are 4 things i am upset and regretted for going today is

1. i left out sunny and cinpein

They both are my classmates, i called them to go SAKAE with me during class, and i was happy coz they can make it with us to Gurney.

But in the end i found out that so many ppl are going and , the restaurant not enough places for all of us. Damn, then cinpein and sunny go to Mcdonalds, ARHH sorry sunny and cinpein !!!!!

2. Ramen sucks

i dont know why so many ppl go and eat there. I dont like the taste.



I look so lamnua altho i did wash my face and change clothes

but my PINK COLOR bag is so disturbing .


4. Never lie.

We took the cab home and i waited by the tuition centre’s entrance there.

My tuition teacher, who always comes later than usual, spotted me and questioned me with the


Well, he told me not to lie

But i’ve lied much before, so i m sorry if i lied.


I know u wont read my blog, teacher.


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