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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

demons inside me

Everyone isn’t a saint .

No one is …..

Unless you are referring to Mahatma Gandhi or the Pope, or Mother Teresa…… but deep down inside every single one of us, we sure might have some desires or darkest dreams we want them to be fulfilled.

darkest desires within every single one of us.. waiting to be opened like a Pandora Box… and until one day when you break your final streak, it will be led out with all the demons and sooner or later it will consume you.

Having a demon inside you, doesn’t mean you are an evil person. like any other ordinary people we have wants and needs… but until they turn into demons, we only have to surpress ourselves by happy thoughts, trying to appreciate whatever we have for now.



demons inside us, don’t exist with only bad intentions… they do exist in good intentions as well. trying to help someone so badly but in reality … you just can’t …


I recently occurred something and its quite private for me so I wont disclose it online, but anyhow I just feel so thankful of what I have, and I should take things more seriously, especially my old loved ones and I vow to take care of my parents when they get old.

Then I decided to do a good thing per day.. so I won’t feel sinful.

Compliment others when they feel down.

Motivate others just to lift their spirits up

It’s not hard.

It’s not expensive.

It doesn’t even hurt to say a sorry or a simple thank you.

I was in college a few days ago and I hold on the lift for a group of teens, my age then when they got out I hold for them, again and they don’t even bother to look at me or even say a simple thank you. I am not fishing for thankyou’s but at least…..

we are in a country where all people are educated, so you might as well show me you smart asses have the brain to say thank you while u used your brain in TERTIARY EDUCATION.

don’t let me see you again next time I will friggin make the lift close on your high and mighty noses .

just. be it … when they can’t surpass the morality inside of them.

These are weak souls readily to be devoured by the demons inside them.



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