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Sunday, 17 June 2012

My 17th birthday part I

It all started from the moment the clock strikes 12 and everything seemed to turn magical.

Thank you everyone for all the texts, tweets, fb messages and those who wished me on instagram. I felt like a princess on that day, seriously!!

Im so thankful yesterday night to have so many people around me who care about me. Though I might not be the best, but I knew all of you brought out the best in me !

I got so touched by 12 and some wish late but shuyee joined the countdown

and zoe was the one who wished me the earliest and went to sleep. Deep down I wanted them to ask me out , but all of them pretended like nothing happen, so I was a bit flunked out at first, until the very morning, huay wei and sunny were stupid to send me a GOOD MORNING, PLEASE WAKE UP texts, that was odd.

So I think I sensed something


to my expectation





they were a bit… late.

all lighting the candle.

my boo


I wasn’t really expecting them at that hour…. I wore some stupid shirt

thanks guys

the cake was awesomeee

the tee shirt was


that was carmen taking off her socks

they never gave me presents but





so nice right !

credits to SUNNY!!

I was elated

then zoe wong arrived, after she lied to me that she wont come ….

The night before my birthday I was thinking about making plans to have a great buffet dinner with my friends… but this was much more fun than that.

shuyee and zoe

all set on my bed .



with my Ipad

my face with pimples

how they ate it .

so bad

my outfit for the day

yeening and zoe !

then we all went to GURNEY !

carmen !

vain 1

vain 2


we never order anything cos we were in a rush for a movie !

lady boss



with abang

all of us

so happy

take 1

take 2

take 3

take 4

outfit for the day

lastly a shot of myself with the card !


Those who arent shown in the pictures, you all have that place in my heart as well,

thank you XIAOJI !! for calling me 12 something, but thankssssss and I love you a lot !!!
Yan who called at 1230 the next morning too, thank you thank you. Wasn’t expecting your call but thank you !!








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