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Thursday, 28 May 2009

cried over something stupid

yes i did something stupid . ;(

exams are over. it is over. but i m not.

some can say i did my best,

some can say i sucked.

some can say i never did tried my best.

what can i say bout myself?

compared to the others, i sucked very badly.

compared to myself… i sucked 100 times more than anyone.

i really didnt did well this time. all 60s,70s i got this time.

this time the marks really count. and the game started. and i lost.

i didnt did well. i didnt tried my best.

if i didnt play that computer ,

if i didnt play facebook… it’s all my fault, and there’s no one to be blamed for . ;D

i think i m okay. =(

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