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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

tis the season wants-

Christmas is coming soon, and its so close and I can feel the mistletoe on the pine trees, filled with hope.

Thanksgiving and black friday just passed, it’s sad to say that Malaysia doesn’t really celebrate xmas as we aren’t a four seasons country….

I just love winters…

but too bad.

Speaking of Xmas…. I do have my wishlist… it’s a like a lust wishlist you keep under your bed, just to motivate you to earn money and do some beauty haul…

Lately I’ve been obsessed with beauty blogs- western or asian, I just love them giving off reviews on mask or anything skin care , I just love it .

nevertheles… after reading tons of reviews.. ive finally come down to a decision to give them a try… But still there’s always a wish list.


Origins Super Spot Remover.

It’s believed to cure blemishes and scary red spots….. My skin has gotten better after for fighting it for more than a year with facial and some few facial recommended brands….

but this is just too tempting given the reviews and many awards it has won !

review by vivianna- HERE


Smarty Plants™ CC SPF 20 Skin complexion corrector


Origins Smarty Plants CC cream !!! SPF20

I’ve been using Maybelline mineral concealer and CYBERCOLORS zero pore powder but this given it’s a CC cream it’s to conceal and to correct. It contains salicylic acid, to prevent pimples from poppin out when u apply it.


GinZing™ Refreshing eye cream to brighten and depuff


this is also reviewed by JaneChuck, the first time I saw it I was totally wowed by its ingredients, as it contains caffeine that helps to reduce dark circles and it is proven to help brighten the eye area! For night zombies like me, I definitely need this


Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque

Chamomile Anti Blemish Masque

AESOP a very famous brand from MELBOURNE, with its simplistic packaging with glass bottle with really apothecary look on its labelling, unlike ETUDE with really cute packaging, I guess the difference u can distinguish between skincare from KOREA and the westeners is that Korean skin care will have really cute and luring packaging, that’s how they emphasize as selling points- I think* as westeners want quality INSIDE the bottle. I’ve read reviews on Korean skincare and they don’t do much tho.

This ANTIBLEMISH MASQUE is seemingly lightweight and the reviews are overall positive, and before purchasing the actual glass jar you might as well try the samples or the tube sizes.

review by Vivianna HERE


Clear Improvement® Active charcoal mask to clear pores

ORIGINS Clear Improvement Clay Mask

Also by ORIGINS…. I really love natural brands like the Body Shop and Nature Republic as they strongly emphasis on being natural and having natural skin by using- natural products that doesn’t contain ALCOHOL or PARABENS that can damage the skin, and causes cancer. So always choose PARABENS FREE skin care, it might not be quick but it’s a silent killer slowly killing your skin!

We all know Clay Masks are good for clearing our pores going deep into our pores. Etude’s WONDER PORE clay masks are great as well but I think ORIGINS might do the magic since they were one of the best selling masks.


Silk Intense Lipstick


Laneige… a sudden raved brand by all beauty bloggers, a house brand in KOREA, after having Song Hye Kyo as their ambassador… This brand rocketed just like a nine day wonder.

I just really like how they have many colors for this range, and they are all sweet looking for me

for all Kdrama fans, if you watched THAT WINTER THE WIND BLOWS, *I did

surely you will see HOW GOOD HER SKIN IS !!! and the color or HER LIPS!! so vivid and pretty !!

The secret of her skin, said Song Hye kyo is the next product I wanted on my wishlist


Water Sleeping Pack_EX



the other day when I went to SEPHORA, this kind sales girl said I should give it a try and gave me a few samples but my mom hastily used it all by herself and me – not even a single try of the mask, but anyways… my mom had almost same type of skin like mine- COMBINATION, and from her mouth, she said it was really a product that works the magic. Because according to LANEIGE researchers they found out the skin recovery is best at night, with a little boost to skin care during your sleep can help in rejuvenating and gives back your smooth youthful radiant skin.

from their website.


I think that’s all for my BEAUTY WISH LIST !



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