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Wednesday, 14 March 2012


the lesser you care, the better you are .

the care, here isnt what I mean about being sympathetic on things. it’s being over- observant on the things u would want to know. For example,

caring to STALK someone . isnt really things you should do , as a favourite past-time . For the past few months Ive developed a serious hobby of stalking, I stalk people on Foursquare, which I am not saying a particular person it’s that I begin to do things I wouldn’t have done, before. I am turning into some social cat which… I don’t think it’s quite a good leaf turnover for me.

one thing about stalkers is that.

once you’ve started

you will never learn to stop.

Which I think is quite true ! after stalking on Foursquare, I would turn to Facebook… then instagram…. etc, etc .

Don’t blame me, blame the boring me inside .

I feel bored easily, not because of being grounded or… mentally abused. I would think myself as… a free from stress week.

The exams had dried my batteries out plus ive lost my specs… and…. that had become such a great obstacle this week. it minimises my drama time and shoujo manga time… and revision time… and. reading.

I have been wanting to finish my Hunger Games, but it seems that I was more engorssed on my iPhone. I told myself day by day not to CARE about those people that wouldn’t affect my life even knowing the things they are doing bvy… CARING or I can say STALKING…..

Dear Venetia Wong,



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