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Monday, 16 May 2011

frustration in mind

though it’s only been a week …

i still hope time can fly and take me till the 24th of ,


because by that time

i can say goodbye to those mind rottening exams.

exams drive me crazy !

but this post aint about telling you how f-ed up i felt for exam.

it’s about a post, to update my blog



i really felt immatured when i was back in form 1,2,3, complaining about how hard it is to circle the 40 answers and how hard it is to choose the correct answer among ABCD, and ooh how hard it might be to endure the 1 hour and half to answer those OBJECTIVE questions.

well what about know.

its like a oneway road to hell.

think about it. 2 hour and a half to fill your pages with WORDS, yes, WORDS, and to finish all 10 printed pages of questions without to choose or to fuss about choosing the correct answer from ABCD, okay, there ISNT AN ABCD for you to choose, it’s … bloody hell.

to memorize History had been a big misfortune, how about Biology , Chemistry, and the forever-unsolvable ADD MATHS?

okay, here’s a reality check.

we are 16.

things are getting much harder

much more, moreeeee complicated.

that’s how my logarithmic life is.

okay, who cares.

things can get … crazy


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