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Saturday, 28 May 2011

b2uty survey from tumblr

What is your favorite member?


What is your favorite BEAST song?

SOOM (breath)

What is your favorite BEAST album?


Who would you want to be paired up with on WGM? (Not your bias)

uhm… no one besides my favourite Joker >>> JUNHYUNG since i m ALREADY married to him


If you could only say 3 things to your favorite BEAST member, what would they be?

I wouldn’t want you to be sad

I can make you happy

Please dont leave me

Name one thing you dislike about your BEAST bias.

They dont have a BEAST AIRLINE in Malaysia


If you could switch bodies with a BEAST member, who would it be and why?


because i can try all his kick ass shades

What was your favorite BEAST bias hair style?

HyunSeung, in Fiction

Whose number would you rather have? Junhyung or Hyunseung?

Hyunseung’s becase i have my husband’s (jun hyung) saved in my contacts


Would you rather receive a kiss on the cheek from Kikwang or a date with Yoseob?


which to choose

which to choose

i say option 3: date Junhyung

sorry Kiki and yoseob


Would you rather be stuck in an elevator with your bias or watch a scary movie?

elevator !!

and see Jung Il Woo appear


Who is your favorite BEAST pairing?


Who in BEAST would you say your personality is most similar with?

Kiki, he’s outgoing , Yoseob’s ullzang, and…. DongWoon’s seriousness, and JunHyung’s lansi-ness

What is your favorite thing about your BEAST bias?

they are talented !

If your BEAST bias tweeted you, what would you want them to say?

Have a nice day !

What would you want him to get you for Christmas?


Who do you like better? Yoseob or Doojoon?


Do you like Junhyung’s rapping or singing better?

Rap !!

What would your ideal way of meeting BEAST be?

on the streets and get their signature !

Who in BEAST would be the most awkward to kiss?


Joker891219: 그리고 양요섭을 닮은 화제의 동물
translation: And the most discussed animal that resembles Yang Yoseob.
helloimys: RT 귀엽네
translation: RT It’s cute

Minus your bias, who would you kiss in BEAST?

Jun Hyung !

If the Kpop world was like a school and you were a student there, who would your circle of friends be?

Min, Krystal,

Amber, JunHyung, Yoona, WooYoung, JunSu, Nichkhun, JongHyun, Key, ONEW (my bestie), GD ! TOP !

Yoon Eun Hye, Cha Seong Won, DARA, CL

-          Who would be your enemy?

Goo Hara……





eli ……………………………..



-          Who would be the jock?



-          The class clown?


-          The nerd?


If you could give your bias one thing, what would it be?

my heart

Would you rather go on a date with him on the beach or in the snow?


How did you find out about BEAST? What made you start liking them?

shock made me knw them, Soom made me love them

and Beautiful made me crazy bout them.

Describe your wedding with him.


Name the BEAST boys in the order you like them.

JunHyung, DooJoon, Yoseob, Hyunseung, DongWoon

Who do you like more? Dongwoon or Kikwang?


What would you want him to give you?

his moneyy




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