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Sunday, 18 April 2010



picnic sweet





lomo lc  a

There are tons of stuff i havent tried before.

And i was thinking about trying them myself.

Maybe with a few crowds, so i can feel the atmosphere?

Or i should do it alone.

To feel how appreciated i m being in this world.

I would take a one day bus trip around penang, to see the people.

And how they carry out their daily lives, how they react to humanity.

I would like to switch bodies with a stranger so i can feel how it feels to be in someone else’s life.

Maybe being a happy person going into someone who has love sick

and frets over anything bout the girl or the guy.

The lucky person being inside someone unlucky, feeling that life’s a fool.

I would like to earn lots of money.

And give it to all the poor people around every corner.

And win a lottery in VEGAS,

Go for a shopping spree and have fun.



go into some Secret Garden, drinking a nice, bitter sweet coffee




Feeling the great taste of nature.


I had problems with lots of stuff this week.

Firstly my parents.

And secondly, some friends of mine.

I tried to make the sun come out from every thunderstorm.

I tried

And i am trying.

And it’s somehow getting better iguesss.

I feel like dying or ending my life or making myself forget every single person.

If we ever meet again,


But a friend of mine told me that i should keep the faith

and dont make the ones u love get worried bout you.

Yah, that’s somehow meaningful.

Meaningful enought to keep me alive till now


But whenever i got moody, or , whenever i fret that i m miserable and problematic and very disturbed

I will try to do something new.

Maybe u have something u havent’ been doing ?

I havent been sleeeping for the whole afternoon

Or some movie that you have been not watching for a while.

I watched a korean drama, for the whole night until 4 in the morning.

Or a song , songs that made u emotional long time ago?

Yoshioka Yui, Merry Go Round

Or a book, or something that makes u happy?


Or maybe, a hobby that is lost, for sometime ?


Shoppingwith someone .

Yeewon, today at FOS.

Do something , that u wanted

Talk on the phone with xinhoong,

try outfits at FOS

Seee someone you’ve been dreaming for a while

Him .

Thinking bout something u havent been thinking

My goals in life.


Jumping urself into something you wouldnt want to


young at love

Jump on a hot air balloon perhaps ?


loves her hair

Cherish ur life people


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