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Sunday, 3 January 2010


Hongkong day3 will be updated soon,

so stay tuned peeps


I know it’s quite a late post,


Happy New Year guys,

This yearwill be a new new new year for me.

I will be facing PMR too.

I dont’ pretty much like my class.

Some of my close and my beloved ones are not same with me.

I will sooo damn miss the times laughing off with you guys.

Atleast i still have my gang in my class.

The song, 洋葱 is playing,

It’s so damn sad.

I feel like crying

I m not ready.

Mom had already give me some scolding.

I cant really bare to see her disappoint.

Even that bitch also same class with me

I also have tuition with someone , i dislike.

It’s so damn unlucky for starters.

But i thankgod that 2009 gave me great friends.

I love u guys

and i will keep in touch with ya.

And thankgod i aint monitor once more

I still remember AIDA scolding me, and how many times i got hurt just to defend them from



It’s over now,

Look ahead u guys

I wish i can be as, Optimistic as WernYen and Haru.

I wish good luck to you guysssss

I will need a new year resolution

1. STUDY 3 HOURS EVERYDAY on all subs

2. Help my mom more.

3. Get a hottie <3

4. Forget him as well

5. Hangout w/ my beloveds

6. Have a FIFTEEN bash

7. Have a happyminded for all the time

8. Do more, honorable stuff for my motherrrr

9. Get into harmonica, again, as requested?

10. GET 8 A’S.

That’s all i wanted

What d’ u guys want?



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