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Monday, 17 June 2013

Birthday Post

After 17 years I embarked my journey on earth… I hereby turned 18 on yesterday night…

which was unexpectingly- not amazing because the minute I realized when you turn 18, which means, you sort of added an amount full of responsibilities on ur own hands.

I loved PINK.

that is why this post will be posted in pink texts.

Wow, the minute you thought about an 18th birthday you might be thinking of having a slice of cake and celebrating it with a simple or grand birthday dinner with the presence of your loved ones by your side and all… But I will be picturing it with confetti and lots of sparkle.. which is what I always looked forward to in every birthday which no one ever… planned it that way.


That doesn’t mean I did not enjoyed much about yesterday because I wasn’t that THRILLED of turning 18. This year had made me realized a lot as I had so much time to think at home and I read a lot of books and heard a lot of stories told by diff authors.. and I watched so many movies that can make me name every single one by hearing a catch phrase of them… which is why I was so easily disappointed at the things and how simple they are compared to the books and movies I had read and watched

My friends came over for a surprise… but 4 of them were unable to make it because my birthday was actually on FATHERS DAY and they had transport problems or they just have to spend fathers day w/ their family. I don’t blame them actually I just felt empty when we arent as a whole gang together..

Anywaysss…. we managed to have fun. The cake was nice . at least.

courtesy to instagram made me easier to post photos in my blog


cinpein : shuyee : carmen

they were fine and sweet to at least came and spend the last few hours of my birthday…


who was busy after working like crazy at school with some sports day stuff.

Thankyou, after for being sad a lil while I realized that the heart is what that matters the most…. I am thankful for what they had done, for me.

Tho there arent cards like what they did last year but , I knew they will be there for me.

Big heart to all those who had wished me on facebook and special shoutout to

SYLVIA who wished me exactly on time <3


ZIYUN who gave me a starbucks bottle <3

Melissa who bought me H&M sneakers <3



will be my parents who never missed buying a cake for me, tho we didn’t celebrate it this year together.

I actually wanted a thing so badly this year. and it will be the word



which I hardly felt enough this year because probably everyone is busy with their own stuff and life has been hard for every single one of us, so I made a little wish that I hope the ones I loved and treasured might be happy and we can stay together as much as possible


Life is too short to be unhappy.

thank you ROXY for the gift vouchers for my birthday <3

We celebrated it at STARBUCKS DRIVE THRU which was a pretty good experience and the staff even treated me a free drink + free spaghetti

thank youuuuu


I cant feel anymore blessed

I appreciate all of you


Someday we will be looking at this picture and wanted to spend that time with each other again, and yes that’s what I want to conclude in this post is that once I turned 18 yesterday..

candid by cinpein*


I don’t feel so happy or mighty that I am 18 I just felt that I had lesser friends compared to the years before but what matters is that, these people stuck on to me after they found out all my flaws and all, they were still there, making an effort to celebrate with me,


Birthdays are just like any other ordinary day I mean everyday every person out there are having their birthday going on, I don’t need any fancy dinner or some fancy dress,all I want, is to be together with my loved ones.

Sooner or later I will be turning 19 and 20 or what…. I guess I just wanted to be happy, to be a more easily contented person without all those negative thoughts.

God bless




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